Marketing report: Leveraging the holiday season

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We've analysed how top marketing teams leverage the holiday season

SketchDeck has the privilege of working with many great marketing teams, helping realise their ideas into live campaigns. In doing so we learn first-hand which campaigns work, and what approaches are most popular.


Share a guide to the festive season with your customers 30% of the campaigns we worked on

It can be overwhelming to navigate the season's opportunities. Share your hard-won expertise with your customers to lighten the festive load.

Send some good old-fashioned cards 20% of the campaigns we worked on

Everyone loves getting pretty things in the post. Designing a beautiful card for your business and hand-writing them lets you reconnect with customers and share some festive spirit.

Share a festive infographic 16% of the campaigns we worked on

'Tis the season to re-share all things decorated with red and green. Just like our top campaign, publishing a guide, infographics leverage your valuable knowledge into readership. Festive references provide ample ways to make infographics fun and eye-catching.

Launch display ads 8% of the campaigns we worked on

December is the biggest shopping month of the year. Many of our clients prepare themed display ads featuring top-sellers and publish them during December. This keeps them top of mind when customers are in shopping mode.

Emails, landing pages, presentations, gift certificates and catalogues 26% of the campaigns we worked on

There are a lot of creative ways to excite your customers this season – we see this in the diversity of campaigns worked on. Sharing valuable content, mixed with festive cheer, is a winning formula. Put a bow on it.

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