Examples: YC, uBiome, Crittercism

Six months ago, SketchDeck branched out from the humble presentation into other graphic design formats. Since then we've worked on a huge range of projects – we never imagined some of the use cases people have found for SketchDeck! Here, we share our favourites with you: 

7. YC W15 stats infographic

YC wanted to share their latest stats. Rather than a list of data with a few charts, they asked our help to create an infographic.

We already had Y Combinator's brand on file, so all we needed was the data.

Link: http://blog.ycombinator.com/yc-stats-winter-2015

6. Crittercism

Slide share on "50 connected products" Crittercism, a mobile analytics company, generates leads for their site through Slide Share content marketing.

Their team provided us with a list of products and a description. We turned that into the presentations that you see today.

The presentation has now had almost 50,000 views.

Link: http://www.slideshare.net/crittercism/50-connected-devices-how-mobile-and-the-internet-of-things-will-affect-you

5. Case study on Megan Media

We wanted to get some case studies together for our site, showcasing how we help our clients. We sent Megan Media a link to a word doc and some examples. This is what they came back with!

Link: http://www.sketchdeck.com/article/case-studies

4. OKR Report

Ben Lamorte, president of OKRs.com, helps optimize performance management systems so that people do better work and can connect their progress to company objectives.

He wanted to gather their approach into a report to share with current and prospective clients. Working with SketchDeck pushed his design forward.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0zX-VAwQJBeN1hJaTlsZ3hBR2M/view

3. uBiome Facebook

Ads uBiome are an incredible company that tell you interesting stuff from a sample of your microbiomes.

There latest Facebook ad campaign played on the funny side of where they collect your micobiomes from... your poop!

We worked with sketches and copy to create these colorful ads.

Link: http://ubiome.com/

2. People Tree Legal Website

People Tree Legal had a basic wordpress site. But they wanted something fresher. Given this is peoples first impression of your brand, website facelifts provide a great brand ROI.

We kept the content the sames as their existing site, and created this. We also built a CMS for them, so they can add and edit content themselves.

Link: http://peopletreelegal.com/

1. YC demoday Twice a year

YC hosts a demoday where the companies from the last batch pitch their business to a room full of investors.

This is a stressful time for founders. They have just two minutes on stage and one chance. They also change their pitches many times over the preceding week, reflecting the feedback they receive.

SketchDeck helped many of the startups with their presentations this year. Some requesting our help as little as 24 hours before they stood up on stage!

Link: http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/24/y-combinator-demos/

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