Anuario de Ilustradores

Project Summary
New York is so alive, so iconic. I wanted to capture all of the city in a postcard.
The artist
Our Role On This Project

In September 2015, we had a SketchDeck designer get-together in New York City. It can be lonely designing at home all day, so we got together to explore the streets, food and bars of New York.

Lucía, one of our wonderful design directors, got inspired by the trip:
"This year I went on vacation to NYC for the first time. The whole experience was amazing — as a graphic designer, as an illustrator and as a girl who likes to have fun! Every corner there was something to photograph.
"When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about that city that blew my mind! So I had to do something else."

The gallery below shows her creative process:
First, Lucía captured New York's streets in photographs for later inspiration: street corners, artwork and small details.Next, she pencil sketched her ideas, creating a kind of map/diary in black and white.Finally, she illustrated everything digitally, drawing every little bit by hand using her graphics tablet. She lovingly added color and detail until everything was just right.

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