Our People

What makes a SketchDecker? Passion, skill, creativity, and more. SketchDeckers live all over the world, but we come together to do what we do best: great design.

Gustavo Panichi
Design Director

Gustavo is an accomplished creative professional with nearly 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s most sought-after top-shelf brands. As a Design Director, he is dedicated to elevating the quality of creative output to the highest levels of excellence. In addition to his design leadership, Gustavo also serves as a mentor to fellow designers and illustrators, guiding them in their professional development. Furthermore, he expertly manages a diverse pool of clients, fostering relationships built on design expertise, brand value, and the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Lucía G. Venzano
Director of Design

Lucía focuses on design leadership, creative direction, and processes for design teams. She enjoys helping brands engage with global audiences, transforming them through meaningful visual storytelling. She sees each project as an opportunity to inspire the world with creative solutions.

Cata Gonzalez
Design Director

With over 15 years of experience as a Design Director, Cata enjoys leading and articulating teams as well as focusing on the design, elevating the quality of creative output to the highest levels. She enjoys mentoring and accompanying designers in the creative process, fostering relationships built on design expertise, brand value, and efficiency.

Matthew Gorham
Project Manager

Matthew began his career with SketchDeck in 2017 and leads an international team of designers spanning multiple time zones, ensuring that work aligns with the project goals and meets the client’s expectations.

Gina Kromrey
Creative Director

Gina Kromrey is a holistic design thinker and cross-dimensional storyteller, with nearly 20 years of experience inspiring emotional connections through strategic design across media. She leads multidisciplinary teams and partners with clients to imagine and shape the future.

Mary Darby
Head of Creative Services

Mary Darby is head of the creative management teams here at SketchDeck. She has spent her career in the digital creative industry focused on project management, account management, and operations. For the past 7 years, while at SketchDeck, her focus has been on building teams, managing processes, and delivering an excellent client experience.

Claire Gordon
Sr. Project Manager

Claire is a Senior Project Manager at SketchDeck with over 17 years of experience in marketing and project management. She brings a strategic and execution-focused mindset as she leads collaborative, high-impact creative work. She has a strong track record of achieving and exceeding marketing goals and objectives for clients across industries, including Hilton Hotels, The Coca-Cola Company, American Express and the U.S. Olympic Committee. Claire holds a degree in Communications from the University of Florida.

Camille Johnson
Sr. Project Manager

Camille is a Senior Project Manager with over 15 years of experience in account management, sales, and project management. Over her career she’s gained valuable experience building partnerships with clients and brings that expertise to SketchDeck. She’s worked not only within the agency world, but also spent 5 years at Coca-Cola working on the Brand side. Camille holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Human Environmental Sciences from The University of Alabama.

Morgan Caps
Project Manager

Coming from a background in film and directing documentaries, Morgan transitioned to the design agency world as a Project Manager for SketchDeck 2 years ago. She loves collaborating with creative teams and nurturing meaningful connections between brands, clients, and creatives, delivering projects that aim to make a positive impact.

Emily Smith
Sr. Project Manager

Emily Smith is a Senior Project Manager here at SketchDeck. With 10 years of experience in the field, she enjoys working with an array of clients and keeping projects on track and within budget. Working alongside an exceptional creative team keeps each project exciting and interesting.

Vitor Oliveira
Production Coordinator

Vitor is a Production Coordinator at SketchDeck with 10 years of experience in graphic design, production work, and brand identity. He has successfully led production teams, guiding them through projects from inception to completion, developed efficient processes and workflows, and with expertise in both the print and digital spaces, Vitor has excelled in providing creative solutions to complicated problems. He holds a bachelor degree in Visual Arts with a minor in Computer Science from Brown University.

Chris Finneral
Founder & CEO

Chris founded SketchDeck with the goal of democratizing design for teams and companies of all shapes and sizes. He leads the team and supports strategy, operations, finance, product, marketing & business development to make SketchDeck the best it can be. He started his career in engineering and management consulting before becoming a Y Combinator founder. Outside of work, he spends time with his family and enjoys squash, running and golf.

Monet Sommers
Director of Partnerships

With over a decade of experience in various industries, Monet is a driven problem-solver with a passion for creativity and people. For the past three years, Monet has been on the SketchDeck team, where she assists clients in optimizing their partnership with SketchDeck by connecting them with the appropriate team to meet their needs. Monet started her career in experiential design at Mood Media. Later, she founded her own photography business in Europe, honing her skills in visual storytelling. She then worked for HubSpot, where she helped agencies enhance their value and strengthen their customer relationships through marketing automation and other tools.

Elliot Miller
Senior Partnerships Manager

Elliot has spent his career improving how businesses go-to-market and currently does so by guiding brands to produce the best visual version of themselves, across all their assets, by pairing them with the world-class design team at SketchDeck. His past experience includes implementing GTM programs for SaaS and biotech firms; from new ventures, to Fortune 500, and many in-between.

Ivy Croteau
Marketing Manager

Ivy is a proud marketing nerd based in Brooklyn, NY. She started her marketing career in 2017 at Condé Nast. Since then, she has honed her skills across industries and channels. She’s helped both B2B and B2C brands delight audiences with great content. Now, she leads marketing at SketchDeck to help professionals like her understand and embrace the power of great design.

Aislinn Barry
Director of Digital Services

Aislinn leads the digital services team, with over 25 years of experience in creative direction and project management in the digital landscape. She comes from an agency background with a focus on healthcare, consumer goods, technology and non-profits. Throughout her career, she has adapted and honed her skills so she is at home in any form of medium. Today as the Director of Digital Services she leads a team of talented digital professionals, providing mentorship and guidance.

Holly Schwarz
Product Design Director

Holly began her design career in physical spaces and moved into product design in 2018. Her favorite thing about UX is working with users, which is why she loves SketchDeck! She works closely with the SketchDeck team to build the product that they all work on together, and that makes design accessible to everyone who uses it.

Joe Teibel
Head of Product & Engineering

Joe Teibel is leading the platform team along with most tech-related efforts at SketchDeck. Joe has been in software engineering for nearly twenty years now and worked at small startups and Fortune 500 companies. For the last five and a half years Joe has been with SketchDeck developing the platform we use to manage the agency.

Joseph Roberts
Lead Developer of Digital Services

Joseph is the lead web developer for the digital services division at SketchDeck. Joseph has been in the IT industry for nearly 15 years and focused on web development for the past decade. When he’s not building something on the interweb you can find him paddling around in a kayak or spending time with his family.

Katie Swietlik
Community Manager

Katie is enthusiastic about creating a compassionate, inclusive, and engaged community across SketchDeck’s global team. After three years in project management with SD, she transitioned into the role of Community Manager, where she could put her people skills to best use in fostering a supported community. Katie comes from a background in the visual arts, working primarily in image and text-based mediums, and is also a 200hr trained trauma-informed yoga teacher and 300hr trained breathwork facilitator.

Chloe Rees
Jr. Software Engineer

Chloe recently joined the platform team at SketchDeck. She works on developing, testing, and iterating on features used by the SD team.

Kiki McCalla
Jr. Project Manager

Kiki is a Jr. Project Manager for SketchDeck’s Digital Services team with over 6 years of freelance web design and development experience. She’s worked with brands in health & wellness, legal, retail, and more to refine their digital presence and brand identity through strategic design.

Bryn Townsend
Head of Digital Services

With over a decade of digital experience across industries, Bryn stands out for her ability to collaborate with clients on business objectives and successfully attain end goals. Bryn adopts a holistic approach to digital strategy and activation, armed with an in-depth grasp of the complete customer journey. Adept in web, CRM, media, measurement, and more, Bryn brings a unique ability to blend creativity and data-driven insights into every facet of the digital landscape. Her passion for staying at the forefront of industry trends ensures that she continually delivers innovative and effective solutions that drive results.

Andrei Sandu
Sr. Software Engineer

Andrei has 11 years of experience in software development on various roles and at SketchDeck is part of the platform team where he is developing and maintaining platform features our users use everyday.

Jessica Madufor
Sr. Software Engineer

Jess is on the platform team at SketchDeck. She works on building new feature and maintaining the platforms to ensure the seamless use for the users.

Dee Allan
Finance & Admin Assistant

Dee has over 20 years of experience in a customer service/finance role and has recently joined SketchDeck as the Billing and Finance Admin. Dee is excellent with people and is always willing to be a team player. In her past position, she worked closely with Fortune 500 clients, including Google, Yahoo, and Fidelity. Outside of work, she is passionate about her family, hiking, and holistic health.

Jade Stanfield
People Ops Coordinator

Jade is the People Ops Coordinator at SketchDeck. With seven years of experience in Human Resources, she is passionate about humanizing the workplace to foster a culture of professional wellbeing for staff. She works to create, implement, and advance initiatives and policies that help retain and sustain high-quality staff to further our mission to democratize design.

Photo of Logan Webb
Logan Webb
Director of People & Business Operations

Logan leads the People & Operations team at SketchDeck. She started as a creative project manager at Grade A Design. Over the years, she transitioned into a multifaceted role managing the people and business functions utilizing her SHRM certification and MBA. Her overarching mission is to cultivate an engaging culture for our globally remote team that fosters collaboration and innovation while eliminating inefficiencies to empower teams to perform at their peak.

Nikki Kassab
Senior Partnerships Manager

Nikki has over a decade of experience working with in house creative, marketing, and digital leaders. She has a genuine passion for understanding her clients’ business models and goals, and then helping to craft and distribute their message to the public in a beautiful way. She loves challenging her clients in a productive way to make sure their story is clear and concise when they go to market.