One place for you and your team to collaborate with SketchDeck. Start projects, share feedback and find old projects. No more lost files in email or Slack.

Meet the platform

The home for all your creative agency work.

See exactly what needs your attention

The platform dashboard provides a summary of any projects that need your input. You can also see the status of all the projects you are involved in as well as see other projects your colleagues are working on.

Collaborate with 
your team

The platform brings everyone from your team together. Provide feedback on projects, share files, and always have access to the latest version.

Billing all in one place

See your spend in one place. Set up approval flows and cost centers to better manage spend across a large team.

Feedback simplified

Preview design files in the browser without downloading them and needing the right software. Just click & type your feedback. Avoid lengthy feedback emails and endless meetings.

A home for your brand

Provide a single source of truth for your brand. From logo to colors to photography, everything is laid out in an easy to understand way. You can even make the page public for easy access across your whole company.

Files at your fingertips

Every file, version and project are stored on the platform. Quick & powerful search makes finding old projects easy.

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