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From pitch decks to website development, SketchDeck lets you access the design support your startup needs, when you need it most, without the sunk costs and hassle of hiring.
$4,000,000 raised with seed round pitch deck
The Challenge
Phaidra, an AI-powered learning system, needed a brand identity that embodied both traditional industries and modern technology.
Artificial intelligence
$30,000,000 raised with Series A pitch deck
The Challenge
Cervest needed a pitch deck to educate and inspire investors on the value of quantifying the impact climate change has on physical assets.
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All the design your startup needs to compete.

At SketchDeck, we strive to take your startup from early stage growth to industry dominance with the power of great design. Whether you’re in the early-days of fundraising or pivoting to a growth mindset, SketchDeck tackles any and all the design projects you need to compete, becoming a trusted expert in your brand along the way.

Create, refine or level-up your brand to build a strong foundation for everything that follows.

Your website is your global calling card. Craft your organization’s digital experience across all screens and devices.

Investors see thousands of pitch presentations a year – having a good pitch deck can make or break your startup. A winning pitch deck starts with stunning design. Make sure your pitch deck stands out from the crowd.
Showcase your brand or service and explain complex concepts through engaging illustrations and graphics your audience will love.

A design team built for your startup at every stage.

You need design at every growth stage.

That doesn’t mean you’re ready to hire a design team just yet. SketchDeck can fill in the gaps. We provide the top design talent your startup needs on-demand, along with an intuitive project management platform. The result? All the design you need when you need it, and a seamless experience from project brief to final delivery.

Our platform

Your custom creative team

A design team that scales with your startup.

As your startup grows, your creative needs evolve. Shouldn’t your design team evolve with you?

Goodbye sunk costs. Hello design ROI.

With SketchDeck, your design team can pivot and grow as your design needs expand and scale back during quieter periods.

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