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Transform design from challenge to competitive edge.

Why stress about design when you have bigger things to do?

How it worked for LeanTaaS

“We love working with the SketchDeck team. As a CMO, having the right design agency partner is critical to success... I couldn’t be happier with my choice of partner.”
Niloy Sanal,

CMO, LeanTaaS
LeanTaaS came to us for help cleaning up a presentation
They loved the results and partnered with us for 
their full rebrand
We’ve done 192 projects together since
Helping LeanTaaS build and grow their brand

SketchDeck capabilities

Full-stack design capabilities, all in one place.

Supercharge your paid campaigns with high-converting ads. Wow your website visitors with magical motion graphics. Land your biggest deal with top-notch presentations. Captivate new customers with upgraded branding, and more. Whatever your creative needs, we can handle it all.

The easiest way to build your perfect design team.

With SketchDeck, top design talent combines with an intuitive project management platform to provide a holistic, seamless experience from project kick-off to final delivery.

Our design teams are tailored to your exact needs. They don’t just provide design for every level of project, our designers help you develop creative strategy aligned with your marketing and brand goals.

Our platform

Your custom creative team

A design team that evolves with you (and your budget).

Creative needs are always changing, and we think your design team should adapt to those changes.

Our team can pivot and grow as your needs expand, then scale back during quieter periods.

How it works

SketchDeck is the smart, scalable way to make sure your business gets all the design you need, whenever you need it.


Meet with your Account Director to align on your business goals and design needs. 
Get onboarded in the SketchDeck platform.


Place your first project. We assemble your custom design team. You meet with your dedicated Project Manager to outline the initial scope of work.


Your team delivers design and you provide feedback until you're satisfied.

Final Delivery, Future Projects

Once feedback is incorporated, your team delivers final designs. You download and distribute your files, and start your next project whenever you're ready.

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