From Producer
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Scaling Asana’s Global Brand

Leading the way in a remote world

As a leading work management platform, Asana helps companies of all sizes synchronize efforts across teams, functions, and time zones. With the rise of remote work accelerated by COVID-19, Asana’s services became even more critical to companies around the world. In the midst of this growth, Asana reinvented its brand twice since 2020 to best position its platform and people to serve customers in new ways.

When SketchDeck and Asana first crossed paths, the Asana marketing group relied on SketchDeck creatives for basic design touch ups on presentations, eBooks, and other collateral. In these early days, SketchDeck took time to learn more about Asana’s needs. Eventually, Asana started needing more than production work — as they grew, their design and brand needs grew with them.

“After many fruitful conversations with our SketchDeck rep, we realized there was so much more they could help us do. We needed a full agency partner who could jump in and get us right away as we evolved and executed our brand in various contexts.”

Matt Wong,
Asana producer.

Bringing a brand to life

Asana’s branding and marketing teams asked SketchDeck for ideas and support in bringing their brand to life. SketchDeck’s work for Asana grew substantially during this time, from eBook blog post illustrations to becoming a video and multimedia partner and event producer.

Choose your Asana Adventure

SketchDeck’s services support six teams at Asana, including not only external but also internal marketing communications. For example, to recognize the dedication and accomplishments of Asana employees at offices around the globe, SketchDeck helped develop a “Choose Your Asana Adventure” marketing campaign, with an illustration style featuring different imaginary characters at each Asana office.

The concept was used in a celebratory video that the Asana leadership team played at a virtual all-hands at the end of 2021. For Asana’s internal “velocity” team, SketchDeck developed sports hero playing cards to inspire employees about the importance of their work.

“Our SketchDeck team is so much more than an agency— they’re an extension of our branding and marketing teams, they’re flexible and adaptive to whatever changes we throw at them. They’re experts in our brand and come up with original and creative solutions that take us in new directions we hadn’t thought about before.”

Marla Landa,
Asana integrated campaign creative producer

A global partnership

With both Asana and SketchDeck operating across global time zones, the teams in both companies worked hand-in-hand in developing creative.

“I love how the SketchDeck communications process is so collaborative and seamless. Designers at Asana give feedback on the SketchDeck platform and on Slack so that projects get done right, and on time.”

RJ Cupelli,
Manager, Solutions Consulting at Asana.

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