Logo of Stellar, a brand specializing in digital blockchain-based payment network experiences.

Stellar event & video: Creating memorable brand experiences

Project Type

Event and video


Financial services and software
Digital art piece highlighting the intersection of blockchain technology and real-world applications, featuring graphic elements like a laptop, currency symbols, and video sequences of brand experiences.

Welcome to the world of Stellar


The Stellar network is among the most trusted open-source blockchains for payments and asset tokenization. For one of their biggest events (Money 20/20 in Las Vegas), they relied on SketchDeck to design an experience showcasing their new brand identity. The goal was to stand out and make a lasting impression on attendees.


We built a series of Stellar moments — ranging from a booth and meeting room to atrium banners and other materials. These branded experiences featured real customers from around the world, including the underserved, and graphics inspired by street art and the digital economy.

The result was an event experience that generated excitement and invited attendees to imagine and participate in a "Stellar world" where human potential is cultivated across borders and social classes.

What we did

Event design, social media, and print

An assortment of stellar-branded tradeshow booth designs displayed in various settings, enhancing brand experiences.

A product launch set into motion


Stellar asked us for a concise and dynamic animation to introduce the Soroban Smart Contracts Platform, a major update for their developer and builder network.


SketchDeck joined forces with Stellar to produce an attention-grabbing video that effectively communicated the significance of the newest upgrade.

This level of creative partnership aligns perfectly with SketchDeck’s newest brand strategy. The result was an engaging announcement video that ignited curiosity in the minds of developers and builders and led them to discover more about the update.

What we did

Motion design, video and audio editing, and illustration

A collage of stylized graphics and text snippets related to finance and technology, featuring terms like "soroban," "cutting-edge," and "financial services," perfect for a stellar brand experience
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Abstract artistic representation of a yellow and black structure with repeated "wohoo!" text on a split blue and purple background, designed to enhance brand experiences.
A stylized graphic with a purple and yellow calendar icon on a black background with the text "protocol" and the number "20," highlighting exclusive event experiences.

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