How to use color to attract customers and improve business results.

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What is color? Most people could come up with a simple answer to that question. For graphic designers and marketing professionals, the response is usually far more complicated. Color is one of the most valuable tools in a graphic designer’s or marketer’s tool kit. Proper use of it gives them the power to be able […]

11 questions you need to ask yourself before working with an agency on a website.

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You’re planning to partner with an agency to develop a business website — or update the one you currently have. You’re not alone. It’s something more companies than ever are doing. The pace of digital transformation has accelerated because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need and desire to conduct more — and more types […]

Tips on how non-designers can get smart fast about graphic design

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So, you’re a professional who has never been trained in graphic design. But now you find yourself having to express opinions on what you think is good design and bad. We get it. We hear it all the time. It’s enough to make even the most confident professional feel a bit anxious.   In today’s […]

Outsource design projects or hire in-house?

Picture it. You’re responsible for a new type of marketing or design project. Maybe you need to develop a novel infographic, your first video or a unique digital experience. It’s not hard to imagine being in that situation during these fast changing times. You have design, development and production talent that you work with regularly, […]

Do you believe in the value of design? You should!

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Many marketers are cutting back on their design budgets during the economic crisis induced by COVID-19. To them, it seems wasteful to spend money on graphic design when sales are down. Is this something you’ve done or are considering? If so, recent research shows this could be a mistake. ‍ According to an in-depth study by […]

The world has changed in the last year. Shouldn’t your brand change, as well?

Everything has changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, including: How people conduct business Where and how they spend their time What they think about The things that keep them up at night Has your brand evolved to reflect these changes? If not, why not?‍ The most successful companies have refreshed or rebranded to […]

It’s time: Update your sales presentation so they sell during COVID-19

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Everything has changed in the Coronavirus age. Have your sales presentations?‍ If you haven’t updated your sales presentation, it could be the reason you’re selling less. While many blame the pandemic and current economy for lower sales, it could in fact be how you’re presenting yourself, your business and product and service offerings. Here are […]

SketchDeck helps State of California make COVID curbside dining accessible to disabled

As of early October 2018, there are more than 8 million reported cases of COVID-19 in the United States–over 860,000 of which are located in California. Almost all industries have been negatively impacted, but perhaps none more so than the restaurant industry. In fact, 1 in 3 California restaurants are expected to shut down permanently […]