How to give great design feedback

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Giving feedback ain’t easy. Who hasn’t inadvertently upset someone whilst giving feedback? It’s especially hard when you’re working with someone remote, who you do not know well. Differences of culture, language and job function can all easily lead to confusion and upset. However, you need your projects to be successful. You need to convey what […]

Sales & marketing leader survey: Design spend in 2020

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Here’s what we found: Spending breakdown  Historical advice shows that decreasing spending in a downturn is actually a counterproductive move for a multitude of reasons. To name a few:  The cost of advertising drops during a recession, creating a “buyer’s market” for brands Brands can project to consumers the image of corporate stability during challenging […]

6 tips and tricks for editorial design

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If you hear the words “editorial design,” the first thing that comes to mind is likely magazines. However, editorial design is so much more than that. A subset of graphic design, its principles can be applied to almost anything: magazines, newspapers, books, newsletters and even online publications. From layout to typography, editorial design has a […]

Photoshop for marketers: Tools of the trade

Photoshop isn’t just a graphics editor–it’s a way of life.  The tools found in the platform are indispensable not only in creative industries, but in any instance of information presentation. Even at 30 years old Photoshop is constantly growing, with updates happening as often as every few months.  Because of this, it would take weeks […]

Designing for email: Tips, tricks and examples

11.1 seconds.  That’s how much time the average recipient will spend reading your email.  In other words, you have less time than it takes to purchase a latte at Starbucks to elicit a response from your audience. So if you want to stand out amongst the clutter and get the reader to buy in, your […]

How to design professional social media images

Your brand deserves to stand out on social media. The impact that visuals can have on the noticeability and recognition factor of your brand isn’t to be underestimated. However, high-quality visuals aren’t easy to produce. Here, we’re going to break down the process of designing professional social media images. We’re going to look at the […]

10 stock photo sites you need to know about

Did you know that tweets with images get 150 percent more retweets than those without–and that colored visuals increase people’s desire to read by 80 percent? We’ve all heard that humans are visual creatures, and it’s true. Considering the human brain takes just 150 milliseconds to process an image, as a business you want to […]

Design tips for marketers: webinars

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Online presentations have been around for quite a while. Even before the dark days of COVID-19, more and more businesses were moving phone calls and conferences online for cost-savings. It’s safe to say that in a digital age, the webinar–or web seminar–is here to stay.  Much like any presentation, webinars have best practices you should […]

SketchDeck for ON24 webinars

Imagine if Batman and Superman finally put aside their differences and teamed up… simply put, it just wouldn’t be fair to other superheroes. While SketchDeck and ON24 aren’t joining forces to fight crime (at least not yet), we have gotten together to form a best-in-the-business 1-2 punch when it comes to webinars. After all, a […]