How Okta achieved 99% brand consistency with SketchDeck

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Over the last several years, Okta has seen dramatic growth. SketchDeck helped Okta’s creative team achieve success by scaling their design and getting ahead of demand.

okta website
Okta’s website


Okta is a computer software company with 800+ employees, headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Canada, the UK, mainland Europe, and Australia. They provide a secure platform to connect employees with essential technology. Thousands of organizations trust Okta to help accomplish their goals as fast as possible.

Business situation

After completing a full rebrand, Okta was in need of a scalable solution to implement their brand company-wide. Okta had ambitious growth goals and a fast-paced marketing calendar to match. However, they had limited resources in-house and needed to move quickly and at scale. Okta was getting ready to expand into new industry verticals and increase the size and depth of their customer acquisition engine. They were determined to accelerate their marketing and communications with increased access to design resources.


Okta initially discovered SketchDeck through a TechCrunch article. At that time, they were just using SketchDeck to create PowerPoint presentations. When Okta began to evaluate different changes to execute their new brand, they were already impressed by SketchDeck’s work, delivery reliability, and the quality of designers on their team.


The relationship quickly expanded to cover a wide range of print and digital graphic design projects, as well as web design and development. SketchDeck was held to a series of success metrics surrounding time to delivery, creativity, and brand consistency, as well as service quality and attention to detail. As the trial period ended, Okta and SketchDeck reviewed the results of their partnership together and decided that the ROI was high enough that it merited an ongoing partnership. We’ve worked with them to build a customized model that would extend SketchDeck to serve as Okta’s outsourced brand execution firm.

They signed onto a SketchDeck Enterprise agreement and moved all of their design production needs over to SketchDeck. Today, SketchDeck handles a large range of Okta’s company-wide design projects.

Okta case study

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