How ON24 uses SketchDeck to scale design

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ON24‘s mission is to transform how organizations engage with their audiences, powering interactive, data-rich digital marketing experiences that drive a resilient revenue strategy. Through the ON24 platform, marketers can create personalized webinars and experiences, understand audience behavior and turn that intelligence into action.

In 2017, ON24 debuted their signature event, Webinar World, connecting the best multimedia marketers (dubbed “Webinerds”) in the industry. This massive three-day event brought like-minded marketers together to talk shop, network and develop the latest playbook for their businesses. It was an instantaneous hit, and ON24 knew they would need to up the ante for the coming year.

Marketing experiences shouldn’t be an afterthought. They should be an immersive, engaging experience for your audience to build a connection—and hopefully loyalty with your brand. Whether physical or digital, design is the best way to start that lifetime customer relationship.

Joe Hyland,
Chief Marketing Officer

Design on a deadline

ON24 sought to make 2018’s Webinar World bigger and better, solidifying their position as the strategic webinar solution. The stakes were high–and as the conference neared, they only got higher.

More and more speakers were added, and the demand for well-designed presentations reached a critical breaking point. With over 1,000 attendees scheduled for Webinar World 2018, time was of the essence. Yet ON24’s in house creative team was tasked with strategic initiatives–they didn’t possess the bandwidth to take on the mounting design projects and uphold the quality their customers were accustomed to.

ON24 knew they’d need a trusted partner to help carry out their vision, and they’d need one ASAP.

But with Webinar World a mere month away, production needed to move at lightning speed to create design for over 700 PowerPoint conference presentation slides. Audacious? Yes. Impossible? No.

Enter SketchDeck, an innovative platform that combines software and a professional design team to make on-brand design fast and efficient.

The SketchDeck solution

Within only a week of initial conversations, SketchDeck had already trained their design team on the ON24 brand and began work on the initial list of priorities for keynote and breakout presentations.

In-platform collaboration happened in real-time between SketchDeck project managers & designers, ON24 marketers, and event presenters to deliver unified designs, gather feedback, and iterate and execute at scale. The dynamics of the SketchDeck platform, paired with efficient project management, freed up hundreds of marketing hours for ON24 to focus on higher-level strategic priorities.

ON24 webinar world
ON24 Webinar World material

SketchDeck is a lifesaver… it is the only way I’m able to scale and manage a brand across multiple continents. I manage seven agencies and SketchDeck is the only experience I enjoy. It removes all the transactional, time-sucking aspects of the creative process and allows me to focus on the strategic.

Tessa Barron,
Sr. Director of Brands & Communications

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