Outsource design projects or hire in-house?

Picture it.

You’re responsible for a new type of marketing or design project. Maybe you need to develop a novel infographic, your first video or a unique digital experience.

It’s not hard to imagine being in that situation during these fast changing times.

You have design, development and production talent that you work with regularly, but no one has exactly the skill set it requires.

What should you do: Hire someone to handle the work in-house or outsource it?

Both options have merit, but which one is better for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself to figure it out for sure.

Is hiring in-house worth a potentially “permanent” investment?

Whether it’s an infographic, video, dynamic digital experience or other novel marketing tactic, you have to figure out if it’s something you’re ready to commit to over the long term.

The answer is probably not, at least until you find out the results of the initiative and determine whether it was successful. Then you can decide if you want to do it again or cut your losses.

In this case, outsourcing likely makes sense. It gives you a chance to try out something new that’s designed and produced by professional experts, but you aren’t stuck with a specialist on your payroll that you may never be able to use again.

Do you need access to a fresh way of thinking?

By hiring an agency to handle a special project, you’ll get the benefit of gaining outside, expert perspectives. The expression “thinking outside the box” is used often these days, but by engaging with an agency, you are actually getting knowledgeable viewpoints from outside your organization’s four walls, whether they’re actual or virtual. You’ll gain access to information about how other companies they’ve worked with in the past have successfully handled similar initiatives. It will help ensure you’re approaching it in the best, most informed, way possible.

A fresh pair of creative eyes is always good. Having a professional with expertise is even better. Sometimes, your in-house team is well balanced but lacks an expert in branding or animation or UX. Hence, the value of working with an agency.

Matthew Gorham, SketchDeck project manager

What is your budget?

If money is limited, it will likely cost you less to outsource than to do the work in-house. That’s because you’ll only pay for the hours needed to get the job done, not for a full or part time position. You also aren’t responsible for paying for things like benefits and time off. In the end, you could find yourself partnering with higher tier talent while spending less money.

Is it important for you to work with the best?

Even in these challenging times, the demand for design, creative development and production talent is extraordinary. In some parts of the United States, it can be almost impossible to find experienced professionals in certain specialized areas. If you’re dealing with this issue, it makes sense to outsource the work. It allows you to expand the pool of talent you’re able to partner with to virtually anyone anywhere across the globe.

Do you have a heavy workload?

Most people work too many hours these days. It can be difficult to take on new projects or manage them, especially if they’re in unfamiliar areas. Outsourcing a new project means that you’re handing it over to an expert who can work independently to get the job done. If you outsource to a service like SketchDeck, your project will be overseen by experienced professionals who are experts at communicating with clients and managing their projects to successful completions. This will free up your time to focus on what’s really important to you and your organization.

One of the main reasons companies come to us is that their in-house team can’t manage the workload. There is always more design to do. Even when they have a big team, they still need to outsource to agencies. We help make that process easier, seamless, and provide high-quality deliverables.

Matthew Gorham, SketchDeck project manager

Will it take a single person to get the work done or a team?

Most design projects today can’t be done by one designer. They are made up of too many components and are too complex. They require a team of experts to complete them. This can make outsourcing to an agency like SketchDeck a sensible option. We already have direct access to the talent it takes to tackle any initiative, no matter how cutting-edge or complex. This is much easier than trying to pull together — and manage — a team of specialized freelancers on your own. You can rest assured knowing that you’re partnering with the best people to handle your work.

What if the new initiative is a success?

If you work with an agency like SketchDeck, you’ll be able to extend your contract or expand on it. It can help you rest assured knowing that you’ll have the resources available to make the most of your success and expand on it.

Got questions about a new or unfamiliar marketing or design initiative? Start a chat and we’ll connect you with an expert who will help you out.



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