Branding Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid

Why does your brand matter? When you think of your favorite brands, you might think of iconic logos, beloved products, or memorable Super Bowl commercials. These are all relevant elements of a brand, but they are just pieces of a much bigger branding puzzle. Effective branding adds a protective moat around a company and its […]

Which Site Builder Tool is Best for Building Your Website?

Struggling to decide between WordPress, Webflow, or Hand-Coding to build your website? Each of these website building tools provide very different approaches. Depending on your needs, one may be better than another to create a website.

8 principles of good email design

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With 3.9 billion daily users, email is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Marketing emails go far in expanding a company’s consumer base and building brand loyalty. But to do so successfully, emails need to be informative, to the point and impactful–all in just 8 seconds. Content alone cannot be king. That’s where good […]

How to effectively rebrand your B2B company

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After thoughtful consideration, you’ve made the decision to rebrand your B2B company. Having been there ourselves–and worked with dozens of companies on rebrand projects like these–we know that making the decision to move forward is both exciting and challenging. Over the last six years, the design experts at SketchDeck have helped over 77 organizations with […]

Find the right design solution for your marketing team

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Attendees will learn how to find the right design solutions for their marketing, and overcome the challenges to making great design happen in their organization. Stick around afterwards for a quick Q&A and short demo of SketchDeck.

Outsource design projects or hire in-house?

Picture it. You’re responsible for a new type of marketing or design project. Maybe you need to develop a novel infographic, your first video or a unique digital experience. It’s not hard to imagine being in that situation during these fast changing times. You have design, development and production talent that you work with regularly, […]

Hire or outsource: Find out which option is better for your business.

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To hire or outsource? That’s a question many organizations are asking about their graphic design support these days. Sure, you need talented people in-house who understand your brand and can get work done quickly and efficiently. But, you also have specialized needs sometimes that may not require a full-time, dedicated resource. During these challenging times, […]

Event design portfolio

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Whether the job is to design their booth, or to create the conference’s brand and execute on the all the collateral, SketchDeck makes it happen for  a succesfull event. Download this exclusive portfolio to see the results for yourself. Here’s preview of the jobs covered in the file: Workbooks: Show stand design “Thank you for […]

Graphic Design Service

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Get access to the top-quality design talent your organization deserves. Do you need graphic design support on a single project or many? Maybe you need help right now or over the long term. Perhaps you could use specialized design expertise for a unique project or initiative. You’ve come to the right place. Find out why […]

Get great design fast with presentation design kits

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While a strong narrative is critical to any great presentation, so is another ingredient: design. In fact, it’s been shown that presentations containing visual aids are 43% more persuasive than those without.  However, there’s one issue: not all designs are created equal.  With around 30 million PowerPoint presentations created daily, there’s no doubt you’ve seen […]