What I learned from helping write $200M of pitch decks

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Over the last couple of months, I helped launch a long asked for service: Content development. To our surprise, by simply adding it as a question in our checkout, we got a healthy flow of content work. Roughly 90% of those projects asked for help to write their fundraising pitch.  I’ve been the primary author […]

Design a pitch deck

Pitch decks were where we made our first break, earning coverage in TechCrunch “SketchDeck Turns Terrible Slide Decks Into Beautiful Presentations”. Almost four thousand decks later, it’s still our most popular service. Whether you need a slick pitch for sales, keynote speeches, fundraising or an important meeting, SketchDeck is your go-to partner for all your […]

Fundraising and pitch-deck tips from venture capitalists

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Fundraising is always a stressful time. You’re taking time away from your business to get the funds you need to grow (or keep the lights on) and every day spent fundraising is a day you could have closed new sales, or improved your product. The heart of most fundraising is a pitch deck: The quintessential […]

SketchDeck launches pitch deck grants to help socially beneficial projects

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Prompted by the recent protests against racism and police brutality, we’ve been reflecting on how we can best use our company’s talents and resources to help make the world a bit better. The last few years have highlighted social inequality, with people of color, immigrants, LBGTQ+, females, and essentially all minorities in America having rights […]

Design tips for marketers: presentations and decks

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In yet another sign that the future is digital, presenting work in-person is happening less and less. But there are trade-offs–connecting virtually via the tubes and wires of the internet is an entirely different ballgame than meeting face-to-face. Among its many impacts, the lack of in-person interaction puts added pressure on the material to make […]

Data sheets, fact sheets, sell sheets: The many uses for a one-pager

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Picture this: you offer an excellent service or product, one so spectacular that you could dedicate an entire book to it. You could, but that doesn’t mean you should. On a good day, a person’s average attention span is five to twenty minutes. That’s right–even those who love you, such as friends and family, would […]

A visual history of previous recession advertising and what we can learn from it

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On April 14th, the International Monetary Fund warned that the global economy could face the worst recession since the 1930s. Just a few months prior, the IMF had projected a 3.3% increase for 2020–but as COVID-19 spread, the projection sharply shifted to a 3% decline.  The good news? This isn’t the first time the world […]

12 simple PowerPoint tips and tricks to save you time

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Creating a PowerPoint presentation is an exciting, but often time-consuming experience. Because of this, it can be tempting to delay it until the last minute, then scramble to finish your latest pitch deck in the final hours before the deadline. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be like that. You can prevent last-minute panic by following […]

Google Slides vs PowerPoint: How to choose what’s right for you

The great businessman, David Ogilvy, famously said, “Most people use PowerPoint like a drunk uses a lamppost–for support rather than for illumination.”  Although that statement may seem a bit harsh, many of the world’s top entrepreneurs, including Jeff Bezos, admit that they avoid PowerPoint like the plague.  For years, PowerPoint was everyone’s go-to when it […]

The ultimate guide to solving your PowerPoint font issues

Ever wonder why when you send your perfectly formatted presentation to customers, the text sometimes appears big and ugly on their screens? Or worse, how does your beautiful presentation turn out all wrong on a conference PC, leading you to a last-minute scramble to reformat every slide? Well, these deep cosmic mysteries are caused by […]