Presentation inspiration: turning templates into bespoke decks

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Anyone who’s had to give a life-changing presentation scheduled within a 72 hour window knows how overwhelming the pressure can be.

Thankfully, there is a reliable way to create on-brand, high-quality decks on a tight timeline.

Whether you are creating a presentation yourself, have a designer or perhaps even a team creating it for you, a template can be your best friend. Think about it as the skeleton that will help streamline an impressive deck faster than you can say “Design, delivered.”

Don’t believe it? Keep reading!

Our presentation kits

We’ve applied the same modular and kit-based approaches that have revolutionized the construction industry to design.

Taking inspiration from the thousands of presentations we designed from scratch, we’ve created a beautiful set of design kits that can be tailored to any brand.

The “Empire State of the decks” kit is just one example:

the empire state of the decks design template

The bold minimalism balanced with beautiful visuals has already helped many brands raise their deck quality to the next level, without breaking their marketing budgets.

Brands like PingPong:

fun presentation kit

They needed a fun, young deck to represent their brand, so we used elements like fresh visuals and a color gradient to liven up the template.

presentation design kit

But unlike other template approaches out there, The Empire State of the decks is a true chameleon:

design presentation kit b2b

See how the look and feel can adapt perfectly to fit a mature, responsible brand like WealthCloud?

financial presentation kit

And if you want an approachable, young, yet simple design, this deck can deliver! CreateCollab proves that:

young design presentation kit

The takeaway here is: no matter if you want lively and fun, mature and responsible, or fresh and modern, the Empire State of the decks can provide the perfect skeleton for your brand.

fresh design presentation kit

The even better news? This is just one of the many design kits we’ve created. Others include:

  • The queen of pitch decks!
powerpoint template the queen of pitch decks
  • Colorful tech deck
colorful powerpoint template
  • The majestic presentation
food restaurant powerpoint template
  • The science presentation
b2b powerpoint template
  • The architecture pitch deck
architecture powerpoint template
  • The warm science pitch
warm powerpoint template

Download our style samples

To learn more, download our PowerPoint design kit style samples now by filling out the form on your right. And of course, let us know if you need help creating a fast, bespoke deck from one of our design kits!



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