Top presentation trends to use in 2023

As we move further into 2023, the world of presentation trends continues to evolve with new and emerging designs. SketchDeck has designed thousands of presentations over the years. Our team of presentation design experts keep working to stay ahead of the curve. We’ve compiled the top presentation design trends in 2023 that will help you captivate your audience and deliver a memorable presentation.


The concept of minimalism has been around for a while and continues to be a top presentation trend. The focus is on simplicity, with a clean and uncluttered layout that allows your message to stand out. Use of whitespace, simple typography, and a limited color palette can help you achieve a minimalist look.

Interactive elements

Interactive elements are not a new presentation trend, but they continue to gain popularity in 2023. Adding interactive elements like quizzes, polls, and clickable infographics can help engage your audience and make your presentation more memorable.

Bold typography

In 2023, typography will play a significant role in presentation trends. Bold typography can help emphasize important points, create contrast, and add visual interest to your slides. Sans-serif fonts like Helvetica and Arial will be popular choices for presentation design.

Dark mode

Dark mode has been a popular trend in app and website design for a while. Now, it has made its way into presentation design trends. Dark backgrounds with light text can help reduce eye strain and create a sleek and modern look.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics are a great way to add a dynamic element to your presentation. They can be used to animate graphs, charts, and other visual elements. In 2023, we will see more use of motion graphics in presentations to add a wow factor and engage the audience.

Custom illustrations

Custom illustrations can add a personal touch to your presentation and make it stand out. In 2023, we will see more use of hand-drawn illustrations as a presentation design trend. Above all, custom illustrations can add warmth and a human touch to your presentations.


As sustainability continues to be a hot topic, we will see more use of eco-friendly design elements in presentations. This includes the use of recycled paper for handouts, reducing paper waste, and using sustainable materials for presentation materials.

Incorporating these top 2023 presentation design trends will help you create engaging and memorable presentations. Whether you’re using PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, or another presentation tool, these trends can help you stay ahead of the curve and make a lasting impression on your audience. So, embrace these trends and make your next presentation a success!

Ivy Croteau

Ivy Croteau

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