Keeping your visual brand identity current with the evolving B2B buyer

How do you know when it is time for a refresh of your visual brand identity? Some leading B2C brands introduce an updated look every few years. Should B2B have the same frequency, or is this unique audience more interested in continuity, consistency and reliability? The visual identity of a brand is a critical component […]

How to make your B2B brand succeed on Instagram

There’s a natural tension between B2B brands and Instagram. After all, Instagram is a very consumer-focused channel. In fact, if you asked the typical B2B marketer to rank social channels based on how relevant they are to their business, they’d probably put LinkedIn at the top of their list as “very relevant” and Instagram near […]

Here’s Why Your Company Needs a Brand Guardian

Brand identity shapes image

In a world where consumers are bombarded with branded content at an almost constant rate, consistency is more important than ever. With the competition for attention, brands must be deliberate about the way they present themselves. It’s easy to let a brand get diluted when the branding messages are spread across multiple departments, employees, and […]

SketchDeck’s rebranding journey

Brand identity shapes image

Our company followed a familiar branding journey: We grew and changed, and our brand no longer quite fitted who we were. It became clear to us we needed to refresh our brand, and as a design company, that’s an exciting project to enter into. We created our own new brand internally, using our own team and […]

What analyzing 50 brand guides taught us about building a lasting company

Design ties together the different pieces of a business into a bigger idea that sticks. It starts from the small things, from the logo and typeface you choose, to the way you organize your company. Each of these things are a trail of breadcrumbs that lead back to your company and amplify your brand, feeding […]

Less is more: our analysis of top logo redesigns

Design Shapes Image

A logo is more than an illustration, company name, or chosen symbol—it’s branded semiotics, identifying and connoting meaning about the organization it represents. Alongside design, technology, or just about anything human-produced, logos change with driving cultural and social shifts. Each year we can see patterns in the updates made to company logos, and when looked […]