How to build a B2B brand that sells

If you search “great brand examples” on Google, you’ll get a list of well-known company names like Coca-Cola, Apple, Starbucks, and so on. Business-to-business brands may not make the list, but that doesn’t mean branding doesn’t matter when growing a B2B business. Brand marketing can be just as effective for B2B marketers as it is […]

Create a new brand

Need a brand for an upcoming launch? Our team of creative brand designers can make it happen. We’ve helped create brands for companies such as Spotify and Google, delivering with the creativity, quality, and speed that we are known for. Every day, new brands are born. Whether it’s for a new startup company, an internal […]

The value of brand authenticity–and how to increase yours

Brand Authenticity article Image

In the age of internet and social media, consumers can access multitudes of information–all of which can easily sway and inform their daily choices. As marketing strategists and advertisers flood social media with content made to entice new and existing customers, today’s consumers may find it more difficult to choose which brands to put their […]

The world has changed in the last year. Shouldn’t your brand change, as well?

Everything has changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, including: How people conduct business Where and how they spend their time What they think about The things that keep them up at night Has your brand evolved to reflect these changes? If not, why not?‍ The most successful companies have refreshed or rebranded to […]

How to create a mood board

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Did you ever get all the way to the end of a paper, only to realize that you hadn’t addressed the prompt? Back in the old school days, there wasn’t a worse feeling.  The same goes for building a brand in today’s corporate world. In the beginning of a project, you may have a feel […]

How to have brand impact at virtual events

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Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. Kevin Stirtz, an author and web marketing expert In the past, conferences, trade shows, and summits were where brands physically shone, as booths and talks helped encapsulate brands–but the importance and effectiveness of digital branding is constantly evolving. The year 2020 […]

How to create a brand

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A short, practical guide At SketchDeck we work with many companies who have no brand, or have yet to work out what their brand is. We often help move them forward in defining their brand as a side-effect of designing for them. Recently I was asked about the branding process, that exchange grew into this […]

What is a brand refresh? Here’s how to get started.


If you have not yet considered a brand refresh, now may be the time to do. Changes will likely be subtle in any one given area, but collectively, they can make a huge impression. Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. Paul Rand You need to LOVE your brand. Each element needs to feel […]

How top companies deliver great visual brands at massive scale

10 years ago in 2010, social media pretty much meant MySpace and Reddit. Now today in 2020, social media means Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WeChat, TikTok, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Snapchat, and many more. The sheer number of digital channels isn’t the only thing that’s gained traction faster than a Billie Eilish track on TikTok. Digital […]