Dos and dont’s of hosting virtual events

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Moving your physical event online brings a whole new set of challenges. ​Lindsay Selvitelle, Director of Events at Y Combinator, shared with us her list of Dos and Don’ts, which we’ve put together into this handy infographic. We hope this sets you up for success on your next events. ‍ Do: Start with housekeeping Schedule […]

It’s time: Update your sales presentation so they sell during COVID-19

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Everything has changed in the Coronavirus age. Have your sales presentations?‍ If you haven’t updated your sales presentation, it could be the reason you’re selling less. While many blame the pandemic and current economy for lower sales, it could in fact be how you’re presenting yourself, your business and product and service offerings. Here are […]

What to think about before building your master presentation template

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Slide presentations are incredibly common in the business world–they’re a part of daily life in the office. Yet despite that, 79% of people agree that most presentations are boring.  Did you hear that sound? That’s opportunity knocking.  That’s right–it’s your chance to create a great looking presentation that grabs your audience’s attention. After all, great […]

Get great design fast with presentation design kits

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While a strong narrative is critical to any great presentation, so is another ingredient: design. In fact, it’s been shown that presentations containing visual aids are 43% more persuasive than those without.  However, there’s one issue: not all designs are created equal.  With around 30 million PowerPoint presentations created daily, there’s no doubt you’ve seen […]

Tips to amp up your PowerPoint

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In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee submitted an information management proposal to his manager at  CERN, describing his vision of what would later become the world wide web. The feedback he received was a scribble with only these words: “vague, but exciting”.  How often have we been at the receiving end of similar exciting concepts, but dismissed […]

Design a pitch deck

Pitch decks were where we made our first break, earning coverage in TechCrunch “SketchDeck Turns Terrible Slide Decks Into Beautiful Presentations”. Almost four thousand decks later, it’s still our most popular service. Whether you need a slick pitch for sales, keynote speeches, fundraising or an important meeting, SketchDeck is your go-to partner for all your […]

Design tips for marketers: presentations and decks

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In yet another sign that the future is digital, presenting work in-person is happening less and less. But there are trade-offs–connecting virtually via the tubes and wires of the internet is an entirely different ballgame than meeting face-to-face. Among its many impacts, the lack of in-person interaction puts added pressure on the material to make […]