Leads and analytics: the hidden benefits of presentation sharing

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Content marketing is still the majestic, reigning queen of the digital marketing age. That’s because storytelling always wins. As modern humans, we patently disregard that which is not relevant, relatable, visual—and, OK—somehow juicy. But storytelling is not just for blog posts, newsletters, infographics, and published articles. When slick and compelling presentations tell a visual tale, […]

Keeping your visual brand identity current with the evolving B2B buyer

How do you know when it is time for a refresh of your visual brand identity? Some leading B2C brands introduce an updated look every few years. Should B2B have the same frequency, or is this unique audience more interested in continuity, consistency and reliability? The visual identity of a brand is a critical component […]

8 Critical Business Presentation Ideas That Will Inspire Action From Your Audience

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Did you know that 79% of people believe that “Most presentations are boring”? This probably doesn’t come as a surprise if you operate in the business world. We are inundated with mindless sales updates, marketing pitches, and training programs that are delivered in an underwhelming manner – leaving us scrolling through our Facebook feed, refreshing […]

Document production

Whether if you need to polish a document, create a practical template or even design a document from scratch, SketchDeck is your go-to partner for timely delivered, professionally designed documents. Branded documents build trust, and a professional design helps draw the reader’s attention to the info you want them to remember. SketchDeck will timely polish an […]

Why hiring in-house designers breaks your business

Proving that marketing works while justifying costs constantly challenges today’s marketing leaders. In a world of big data and technology that measures marketing output, business is ruled by the bottom line. Those who fail to pass muster, lose. So if marketers must justify their value, how do you value visual branding and design? Because of […]

Why Agencies Can’t Compete With On-Demand Design

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As technology adoption continues to accelerate, marketers are under intense scrutiny to produce and justify their marketing investments. Today’s marketers must be more nimble than ever to succeed. Long gone are the days when it was OK to produce one new content piece per month. Today that would mean disaster — with competitors out marketing […]

Shadow design and its business impact

Bad design hurts your brand. Your brand is what your customers and employees connect with, therefore, hurting your brand hurts your business. Bad design in business has many causes: Not having clear branding or having bad branding Not investing in or valuing design Lacking design solutions that work for business realities The third cause above […]

How Deepgram used design to help increase traffic 400 percent

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It’s Friday, and you’ve got a Monday deadline.  A huge story is about to drop, and your exclusive with TechCrunch is definitely not ready.  You need a compelling image or graphic to share with TC and it has to meet their strict demands of quality and design. To make matters even more chaotic, you need […]