What is AOR: AOR meaning and significance

In the dynamic world of marketing and advertising, the term “AOR” often surfaces in discussions, presentations, and industry jargon. For those unfamiliar, the acronym may seem like a cryptic code, leaving many wondering, “What is AOR?” Don’t worry, the mystery is not hard to unravel. Let’s explore the AOR’s meaning and its pivotal role in […]

What is an agency of record: definition, meaning and benefits

In the ever-changing realm of marketing and advertising, terms like “Agency of Record” (AOR) often surface, leaving many wondering about their significance and implications. If you’re among those seeking clarity on what an Agency of Record entails, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the definition, meaning, and purpose of […]

Overcoming Brand Management Challenges to Unlock Revenue

SketchDeck teamed up with the digital asset management experts at Canto to host a webinar about the revenue-driving power of brand management at ON24’s Checkpoint Summit. This webinar explores the current state of brand management, the building blocks of branding and brand management strategy, and how to leverage brand management to unlock revenue. Watch the […]

Which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness?

Brand awareness is a central goal for any marketing strategy. It measures how well your target audience recognizes your brand. In other words, brand awareness shows how well you stack up against your competition. But which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness? Brand awareness campaigns can both grow your business and safeguard against […]

How to build a B2B brand that sells

If you search “great brand examples” on Google, you’ll get a list of well-known company names like Coca-Cola, Apple, Starbucks, and so on. Business-to-business brands may not make the list, but that doesn’t mean branding doesn’t matter when growing a B2B business. Brand marketing can be just as effective for B2B marketers as it is […]

What is Marketing Design vs. Graphic Design?

Is there a difference between marketing design vs. graphic design? Yes, and it can make the difference between hitting your marketing goals and struggling to activate your strategies. With more content, more channels, and more data to contend with, modern marketers face an uphill battle to stay competitive and drive results. Some marketers overlook graphic […]

Top B2B Social Media Platforms for Driving Results

Beyond its central role in marketing strategy, social media is a central part of our lives. Therein lies its power. We’ve ranked the top B2B social media platforms and provided crucial, platform-specific tips so you can drive results with your B2B social media strategy. For B2C brands, the benefits of social media are obvious. 60% […]

Social media: Could it be bad for business?

Social Media Cloud Article Image

Lately, it seems like more and more people are “over“ some popular social media platforms. The internet is full of postings of people dumping on one social site or another because of the controversies associated with them. This is leaving many marketers concerned about what they can do if their clients and prospective customers are […]

Dos and dont’s of hosting virtual events

Marketing Shapes Image

Moving your physical event online brings a whole new set of challenges. ​Lindsay Selvitelle, Director of Events at Y Combinator, shared with us her list of Dos and Don’ts, which we’ve put together into this handy infographic. We hope this sets you up for success on your next events. ‍ Do: Start with housekeeping Schedule […]

11 questions you need to ask yourself before working with an agency on a website.

Questions to Ask Yourself Website article Image

You’re planning to partner with an agency to develop a business website — or update the one you currently have. You’re not alone. It’s something more companies than ever are doing. The pace of digital transformation has accelerated because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need and desire to conduct more — and more types […]