What is Marketing Design vs. Graphic Design?

Is there a difference between marketing design vs. graphic design? Yes, and it can make the difference between hitting your marketing goals and struggling to activate your strategies. With more content, more channels, and more data to contend with, modern marketers face an uphill battle to stay competitive and drive results. Some marketers overlook graphic […]

Top B2B Social Media Platforms for Driving Results

Beyond its central role in marketing strategy, social media is a central part of our lives. Therein lies its power. We’ve ranked the top B2B social media platforms and provided crucial, platform-specific tips so you can drive results with your B2B social media strategy. For B2C brands, the benefits of social media are obvious. 60% […]

Social media: Could it be bad for business?

Social Media Cloud Article Image

Lately, it seems like more and more people are “over“ some popular social media platforms. The internet is full of postings of people dumping on one social site or another because of the controversies associated with them. This is leaving many marketers concerned about what they can do if their clients and prospective customers are […]

Dos and dont’s of hosting virtual events

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Moving your physical event online brings a whole new set of challenges. ​Lindsay Selvitelle, Director of Events at Y Combinator, shared with us her list of Dos and Don’ts, which we’ve put together into this handy infographic. We hope this sets you up for success on your next events. ‍ Do: Start with housekeeping Schedule […]

11 questions you need to ask yourself before working with an agency on a website.

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You’re planning to partner with an agency to develop a business website — or update the one you currently have. You’re not alone. It’s something more companies than ever are doing. The pace of digital transformation has accelerated because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need and desire to conduct more — and more types […]

How smart digital design can get customers to take action

What do you want your website visitors to do? It may seem like a simple — and straightforward — question. However, you’d be surprised how many organizations don’t take the time to answer it before they undertake digital development projects. The only way you’ll get people to contact you, schedule appointments, make queries and purchase […]

Hire or outsource: Find out which option is better for your business.

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To hire or outsource? That’s a question many organizations are asking about their graphic design support these days. Sure, you need talented people in-house who understand your brand and can get work done quickly and efficiently. But, you also have specialized needs sometimes that may not require a full-time, dedicated resource. During these challenging times, […]

The value of brand authenticity–and how to increase yours

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In the age of internet and social media, consumers can access multitudes of information–all of which can easily sway and inform their daily choices. As marketing strategists and advertisers flood social media with content made to entice new and existing customers, today’s consumers may find it more difficult to choose which brands to put their […]