Update on SketchDeck Membership and Pricing

Over the last five years, SketchDeck has grown to provide more value, tools, and functionality – delivering high-quality design to thousands of businesses around the world. We’ve heard from many of our customers that they want to simplify how we price projects and our membership model. 

Today, we’d like to share updates that will provide more options for individuals and teams alike. So, whether you have a one-time design need or thousands of projects per year, SketchDeck  has a solution for you. 

How pricing will change

Starting on August 29th, 2019, we will now charge on a base hourly rate, starting at $115/hour for Pay As You Go projects and $100/hour for members on a subscription plan. 

How membership subscriptions will change

The new subscription plan is available on either a quarterly or annual basis, with discounts at the Membership and Enterprise level. Here are the full details on the new pricing and membership structure.  

Moving forward, we are discontinuing the Team plan. However, we will honor and renew Team plans for current members. We will be replacing the Team plan with Pay As You Go service, which has no ongoing subscription fee. The Pay As You Go service enables anyone to get high-quality design – when they need it – without any upfront commitment or membership fees.

We are grateful for the many businesses that use SketchDeck, and we remain committed to delivering high-quality, everyday design. 

If you have questions about the new subscription model or pricing, please contact: sales@staging-sketchdeck.kinsta.cloud

Full pricing and subscription details are here.

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