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SketchDeck delivers design on demand, when you need it and the way you want.  Once you’ve decided you need design work, our goal is to get you from start to design as quickly as possible.  This begins with helping you determine the level of design you need.  Level of design can be defined as the amount of creativity your project requires. We have found that the lack of clarity on the amount of creativity required to be a key factor in project delays.  To address this, SketchDeck now offers three easy design service levels to get you on the road to design correctly and quickly.


The ‘Creative or New’ design level offers the greatest creativity for visualizing ideas. Choose this option when you do not already have a template to follow, or when the required work is beyond the scope of your existing style guide. When you choose this option, we will begin with a creative exploration process where we will share style samples with you before moving on to the full project content. We recommend that you allow time for the creative process and have a call with your team before design begins.

Example:   An event pop-up banner is needed. We have brand guidelines, the content, and printer specs, but we need a banner that really stands out in the crowd.  The best solution here is the ‘Something Creative’ design service level, which allows for samples, options to choose from and a Design Director to guide the process.


The ‘Follow Style’ design level is a hybrid option, allowing room for creativity while staying within the bounds of an existing template or style guide. Choose this options for projects that have a set design style or template, but require some customization and creativity. With parameters of your style guide clearly in place, we can focus on making the creative elements pop.

Example:   An event pop-up banner is needed, we have an example that we really liked from another event and we want to keep the layout and the look and feel, but we want to update the illustrations.  We have brand guidelines, the content and printer specs – we need a banner that really stands out in the crowd.  The best solution here is the ‘Follow My Style’ design service level, which provides design efficiency in using a provided framework and enough creativity to customize particular elements.


The ‘Clean Up’ service is the the perfect solution for low creativity or high volume projects that do not require original creative visuals. Clean-up work makes your project consistent and correct according to your brand guidelines and fundamental design principles. We’ll ensure correct colors, fonts, alignment, sizing, spacing, and layout. The ‘Clean Up’ service is only available to SketchDeck members due to the familiarity with brand guidelines and design standards required.

Example: We need 10 sponsors banners created for our event.  We have a template set for the banner and just need the sponsors logo and name added.  The best solution here is the ‘Clean Up’ option.  Using the provided template, we will ensure the sponsor names and logos are added consistently and provide files prepped for print.



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Redefine what’s possible
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