SketchDeck wins “2020 Software Companies to Watch” award

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We got the “2020 Software Companies to Watch” award from The StartUp Weekly. Yay! See the full press release ‍ SketchDeck was selected by a panel of judges comprised of top tech founders, investors and industry experts, and the parameters evaluated were growth, strength of the technology service, impact on the industry and commitment to […]

New features in the platform

We’ve added a bunch of new features over the last month, we hope you like them. Thanks to the many clients that shared their feedback, many of you will see some of your requests in the list. 1. New handy project file buttons like “Download all” 2. We’ve streamlined a lot of the buttons in […]

It’s time to send Holiday cards

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With Holiday season quickly approaching, we are all trying to finish Q4 strong and get into the festive spirit. And that means the annual scramble to get your Holiday cards out on time! We love putting together our annual Holiday card. As a bunch of design geeks, it’s really fun to throw around a bunch […]

Update on SketchDeck Membership and Pricing

Over the last five years, SketchDeck has grown to provide more value, tools, and functionality – delivering high-quality design to thousands of businesses around the world. We’ve heard from many of our customers that they want to simplify how we price projects and our membership model.  Today, we’d like to share updates that will provide […]

SketchDeck product update: fast & flexible project briefs

With our latest major release, we’ve completely redesigned how projects are placed on the platform. Our goal is to make starting projects even more simple and intuitive while giving power users more control. What changed? Over the last year we received lots of feedback about placing projects: ordering was too complicated, confusing and that there […]

Announcing New User Roles and Permissions for Accessing SketchDeck

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Every organisation has a structure that outlines how activities are directed and how information flows. At SketchDeck, we support these structures to enable collaborative, iterative and effective design processes. We’ve heard from clients that they wanted flexibility for giving their team access to their account and projects. Today we’re excited to announce the release of […]

New design service levels

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SketchDeck delivers design on demand, when you need it and the way you want.  Once you’ve decided you need design work, our goal is to get you from start to design as quickly as possible.  This begins with helping you determine the level of design you need.  Level of design can be defined as the […]

New spend tracking feature

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You can now view total spend by project, and break out individual line items so that you have a bird’s eye view on all your design spend. Want to learn more? Click here to talk to our accounts team. The Spend tab